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Thanks for visiting KTMtwins, the #1 source for KTM LC8/RC8 and 690 Parts and accessories. We're the original source for KTM 950/990 Adventure maintenance items like the KTM 950/990 Water Pump Rebuild Kit and the KTM 950/990 Clutch Rebuild Kit, and we have the largest selection of 950/990 Protection, Dampers,Controls, and more. We're adding more KTM How to Videos - make sure to bookmark us.

KTMtwins' competitive pricing, extensive inventory, International shipping options and the experience of our sales department makes us the obvious choice for your KTM. takes your privacy seriously and uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption when transmitting certain kinds of information, such as financial services information or payment information. We also go to great lengths to ensure (and are quite proud of) our PCI Compliance within the credit card industry:

Take a look around and make sure to check in often, as we're always adding inventory, tech tips, and features.

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